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If you are looking to sell your property, you need to be sure that you are working with the right real estate agent. You are paying good money to sell your property and you need to know that you have the right person for the job.

Numbers don’t lie. Park Place will match you with the right real estate agent for your specific property. Our database shows which agents in your area are truly the best by the transactions they have closed. Contact your Park Place Agent today to be sure you are connected with the right agent.

Qualities of a top listing agent


A good selling agent has to be available to you. Once you start the process they should be able to meet with you quickly, take photos and list the house immediately. An agent that takes two days to respond to an email or a call will not be a good agent. A top selling agent is available to their clients seven days a week.


A top selling agent should be a pro at marketing. The agent should have a nice website, professional listings, high-quality print materials and have many contacts in the industry. The agent should know how to use the Internet to sell your home.


Buyers and sellers alike need an experienced agent to guide them through the process. A selling agent should have great negotiation skills and perhaps specialize in a niche like foreclosures, short sales or commercial properties. The agent is the most important link in the home selling process. The agent has to price, market and sell the property. They also have to coordinate for an inspection and appraisal if necessary. And lastly, the agent is the person that every other involved party calls for assistance, such as lenders and title workers. If the agent isn't experienced and seasoned, the process could have many bumps along the way.


A top selling agent is very motivated to make a sale. The benefit to the seller is the agent usually acts very quickly. You won't be waiting around for them to get back to you, or taking forever to put the sign in the yard. The agent will likely hold open houses and really put some effort into the sale.

Good Negotiator:

A good negotiator will get you top dollar for your home. The agent will know when you are receiving a decent offer and when you can hold out for something better. If the agent can't work well with the buyer's agent, then you aren't going to get the best deal. A buyer is always going to low ball an offer, and your Realtor needs to be able to counter offer to get you the most money.

Proven Record:

A top selling agent should have a proven record of home sales. Often the agent will have won awards for top sales in the district. Also, the Realtor may have special credentials such as specializing in foreclosure or short sales. A top agent should have lots of references from previous clients.