Park Place Realty Network

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Q: Why would I use Park Place to find me a real estate agent?

A: Park Place specializes in real estate referrals. We have a database of thousands of real estate agents and we are able to tell how many transactions each agent has closed and what type of real estate they specialize in. Every agent is different and every agent specializes in a different field of real estate. 

Q: Does Park Place charge me to use their services?

A: We do not charge you anything to use our services. 

Q: If I am purchasing real estate, why should I use the services of a buyers agent?

A: Most buyers do not know it typically costs them nothing to the use the services of a buyers agent. A buyers agents job is to find you the right property and to negotiate on the best price on your behalf. They make their money by splitting the commission with the listing agent, which occurs on 95% of real estate transactions. The real estate commission is typically paid by the seller. 

Q: I am looking to sell my commercial property, are you able to find a real estate agent for this type of property?

A: We are able to match you up with any type of real estate broker (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.) excluding rentals. 

Q: Your companies license is in Florida, how are you able to find me an agent in another part of the world?

A: We are legally able to sell real estate in Florida but we are able to connect our prospects to any other real estate company in the world. 

Q: How can you find me a good listing agent to sell my home?

A: We are able to see who has been selling real estate, in your area, by using our extensive database of real estate agents. We then contact them personally to be sure they are a good fit for your property.