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How to find the right Realtor to work with

Posted on November 13, 2020 at 5:55 PM Comments comments (151)

There are over one million real estate agents throughout the United States. Out of that number, the majority of real estate agents are only in the business for a short amount of time as it is a rough industry to succeed in (nearly 90% fail in the industry). It can be tough to spot out the right agent for you to work with. Below are some steps on how to find the right real estate agent.



Find a top real estate agent online


We’re lucky to live in today’s world as there is so much data out there and many systems to track all of that data. A great way to find a top real estate agent in your market is by using’s agent find tool. You can input your zip/city, state and sort the agents in your market on who has had the most sales in your market. The sales area will show you how many sales the agent has had in the last 2 years. Take a look at the agent list to see which agents you might want to work with, and reach out to them. Ideally, it is good to find an agent with a lot of sales in the last 2 years, but not a lot of listings currently. That way you are working with an agent that has experience, but is not currently busy.



Reach out to a real estate referral company


Real estate referral companies are a great source to find real estate agents as they do all the leg work for you. They have established relationships with many brokers throughout the United States and can contact them directly to see if they have the agent available to suit your needs. Or, they have programs and systems in place to where they can find that right agent for you. Here is a good potential real estate referral company that can assist you.



Ask your friends and family


The original true and tested method is asking your friends, family and neighbors to see who they would recommend. There is nothing better than a personal referral as they have been suggested by someone you know, and both have something to lose if the transaction does not work out. The main negative to this is if your transaction goes south, as many real estate deals do, you don’t want to feel bad if you have to “get real” with your agent in hopes of not offending your friend/family member.



Real estate can be a complicated process and it is always good to have a top Realtor on your side to help. They know the business and can hold your hand along the way. Many buyers’ agents cost nothing to use their services as they are paid by the seller regardless. Sellers are the ones who typically pay out a real estate commission. Studies have shown time and time again that it pays for itself to use a Realtor to sell your home.



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Josh Morgan

Real Estate Blog Contributor